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Registration of the vehicle in the profile

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2015-08-01 09:20:12

Hello, I would like to ask the majority of the members of the Citroen Club to complete the vehicle. It must write each member itself to your profile. Here in the Club is registered members but only the 8310 3722 members has supplemented the vehicle it is quite a shame. Now I will describe to you how to insert additional vehicle or write to the profile. Left click on the SETTING's wait till page opens, we'll roll up down there is the box of MY VEHICLE on the click and add the vehicle there, let's write and click on OK, and we have done. We can add photos. This is used mainly for any query or problem with your vehicle, so that the advertising replies, what do you have for a vehicle "What the engine., What transmission? This will facilitate the work and taste odpovidajícím. Thank you for the understanding of the Super-Admin Club Citroen