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2015-09-01 13:13:58

Just a comment about Citroen cars and the new shape C4. I have had about 10 Citroen's from the majestic XM thro C5's to the 2011 C4 EHDI I have now. In all that time I have spent, over and above servicing etc. about £1000 in extra repairs in total on all cars. I have done 60,000 miles in the EHDI semi auto 1.6 C4 and had 2 problems. 1 Rear shock absorbers £175 fitted, and start/stop problem with tensioner squealing. I replaced belt and 2 tensioners for £172.00. Recommend Citroen? most certainly. Other brands seem to have more problems but the owners seem strangely mum, whilst a small minority of Citroen owners whinge repeatedly. Next car will be a Cactus. BTW average mpg over last 7000 miles, 64.7mpg